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Evidence of Past-Life

  • ‘I feel I have been here before.’
  • ‘I must have done something in my past life to suffer like this.’
  • ‘I am sure you were my mother-in-law in my past life.’
  • ‘I don’t understand why I weep during war movies.’

  • Love or hate at first sight

  • ‘It feels as if we have always known each other.’
  • ‘I felt drawn to him instantly.’
  • ‘It is difficult to be in her company.’

  • Obsessions and compulsions

    People who act compulsively, for example: wash hands frequently, bathe for hours, cannot complete jobs for long hours, repeat actions unnecessarily, etc. are strong indications of past-life memories.

    Children with adult memories

    Children often relate to memories of their previous life times.

    Child prodigies

    Child prodigies exhibit talents and abilities that cannot be explained by the circumstances and family background of their current life. The phenomenon of child prodigy can be explained by reincarnation. Child prodigies bring with them talents and abilities from several past life times.

    These occur because of past-life patterns, which are carried forward by the individuals to the present life.

    Birth defects and birthmarks

    The experiences associated with extreme physical suffering in past-lives are reflected in the form of cellular memories of the body, which incarnates with defects or birthmarks.

    Unearthing buried treasures

    It is the ability to speak languages to which a person is not exposed during this life time.

    Multiple personalities and schizophrenics

    Unresolved traumas during past-lives, can cause an imbalance in the personality, which cannot be explained in relation to material life.

    Strong emotional charge

    Emotions like love, grief, laughter, joy, anger, hatred, jealousy, sorrow and pain are experienced during past-life recall.

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