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I am NIRAJ DESAI from VALSAD and I am very proud that I participated in the TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM of Possitive Life. I approached them before One and a half year for financial growth and stability. They analyzed my handwriting and advised me to participate in their weekly transformation program. I was very impressed upon their analysis and was confident that this weekly therapy program is going to change my life. I started the therapy with them and followed their instructions.

  • Today at the end of almost two years I admit that my earnings have increased more than four time.
  • My blood pressure which use to be 120 and 180 came down to 80 and 120 in one week flat just by practicing two alphabets given by them. I have since then stopped taking my medicines of high blood pressure yet my BP is absolutely normal.
  • My kids started following their grapho- therapy and their study habits changed miraculously and results improved tremendously.
  • My wife started following their grapho- therapy and our relations changed 360 degrees. Ours is the best couple today in my whole group and credit the goes to Possitve Life.

  • Today my whole family consults Possitive Life for every issue, my wife and kids regularly follow the grapho-therapy given by them. Besides that I have till today sent more than a 100 people to Possitive Life and I am very happy that they all are very much benefitted by various therapies given to them and are very thankful to me for the same.

    My contact No: 098795 71000

    Thanks and regards.
    Niraj Desai


    This is Kashmira (26) from Surat. I had a very bad habit of pulling my own hair since last 7 years. I used to do this unknowingly but this resulted into a huge hair loss and it affected my personality and physical appearance very badly.

    I was very keen to overcome this habit and I found that clinical hypnosis can be helpful to me. I approached Possitive Life for the same and went for hypnosis sessions. It really worked out to be a miracle, after the very first session I was asked to monitor my habit for a fortnight and I found that I hardly pulled my hair twice in the entire fortnight which formerly was 5 to 7 times in a day. I was very happy to see a big change in me; I didn’t know how that happened but almost 95% of my problem was solved in a single session of hypnosis.

    After a fortnight when I again consulted Possitive Life I was advised for one more session to completely overcome my issue. I did that and today at the end of almost two months I confirm that I have completely got rid of my habit of breaking my own hair. Once again I can see a growth and density of my hair.

    I am thankful to the doctors for helping me.



    I am Payal from Navsari, I was facing a very bad phase in my life since last 2 years. I got separated from my husband and was staying alone with my kids. I was not at all happy with this situation neither was I able to go back to my husband due to regular quarrels with him and my in-laws.

    One of my relative asked me to consult Possitive Life to square up my issues. Me and my husband went to them and got enrolled in the weekly relationship therapy program. We were given a few therapies including hypnosis sessions and today after six months I am once again happily settled at my in-laws place and having harmonious relations with my husband which I never had before. Apart from that I am growing very well in my career too and every month I able to achieve all my targets effortlessly.

    I am thankful to Possitive Life to save my marriage and solve all my issues.



    Myself Dilip Jain from Surat. I am a textile trader in my city doing business since last 10 years with a strong family and financial background yet dissatisfied with my career growth. I heard about Possitive Life’s career transformation program and I got enrolled for the same.

    I did this therapy program before a year. The only thing I would like to say is that my annual turnover is now double; I have more time for my family now than what I had previously and have a completely stress free life.

    Mobile: 09979102333

    Thanks and regards
    Dilip Jain


    I had emotional disturbance in my life. My relations were completely disturbed and I was somehow passing my life. I was referred to Possitive Life by my friend, I went to them for my handwriting analysis to get guidance and therapy. Looking at my handwriting they told me not only about my psychological issues but also about all my physical problems, I was shocked as well as very much impressed by their abilities of interpreting handwriting. Later I was advised to go for a Chakra Balancing program to overcome all my emotional disturbance.

    Every day they use to work upon my individual Chakra through physical exercises, breathing exercise, asanas, mudras and hypnosis sessions. As I continued with the weekly program what I found was, day by day in every way my life was getting better and better. Very soon the week got completed and at the end of the week I found a big positive change in my personality. All my stress went away, all the people around me started accepting me and even I found myself to be very comfortable with everyone. All the change around me came automatically just because Possitive Life brought a big change INSIDE me. It was really a Miracle, a real TRANSFORMATION of my life. I am very thankful to them for this change.

    Priti Shah

    Dear mikitamam/ chintan sir,

    I am very grateful to you for your counselling. Life is changed a lot After your counselling. Lot of possitive things are happening in life. Now in reality i understood the power of positive thinking & law of Attraction. You have endorsed me with lot of useful insights which are Really helping me in my day to day life.

    I can proudly say that if anyone visit possitive life his life will be Change like anything in a possitive matter. I recommend each & every people to visit possitive life for once.

    You both are great & doing a great work.

    I pray to god that the institution which you have started will grow Bigger & bigger & reach each nook & corner of this world. Wish you all Success.

    Thanking you.

    Anand N. Patel

    We really don’t have words to express our Gratitude towards Dr. Desai and Dr. Naik who saved our family life. We were on the verge of getting separated before we met you. You really created miracle and saved our marriage and we consider ourselves as the happiest couple. You are the one who brought love back in our life. thank you and God Bless You.

    Hardik & Heta

    Both my hands were shivering since childhood. I went through different check ups but all the reports were normal .

    Recently i approached “ possitive life” for check up and guidance. They did a hypnosis session on me and found that the problem was related with a childhood trauma about which we all were unaware.

    The impact of this trauma was removed during the first session itself and we were amazed wit h the results, both his hands were completly stable and normal. No other therapy would have done this miracle.

    I am very grateful to Dr. Mikitaa Naik and Dr Chiintan Desai who has solved such a critical and unusual problem, i wish them good luck for their future practise as hypnotherapist.

    Dhaval Desai (Vapi)

    Thank you Dr. Mikitaa Naik and Dr. Chiintan Desai for improving my study habits and help me in achieving excellent results just by advising me to make a few changes in my hand writing. Really GRAPHO THERAPY is a very authentic and effective science and I would wish everyone should go for this for personal growth and achievements.

    Bhumi Kapadia (Mumbai)

    I use to play cricket as a hobby before a year when I met Mikitaamam for the first time. As she was a mind power trainer, she inspired and motivated me to develop my game, she gave me some mind power tips and techniques to improve my game. I started following those tips and found great results, later I got my hand writing analysed, and even hypnosis sessions, all this gave me unbelievable results, I started representing my school, then state team, then RANJI TROPHY and now I am a player of INDIAN UNDER 19 CRICKET TEAM. All this happened just within 9 months which is simply unbelievable.

    Even today before every cricket season I take a hypnosis session from her and keep on improving my game. I am very thankful to both of them to let all this miracles happen in my life.

    Bhargav Merai (Cricketer)

    I was never able to enjoy the beauty of the sea even when I was staying near it since last 40 years due to Aqua Phobia, I am thank full to Possitive Life that the Doctors removed my Phobia In one single session of Hypnosis, god bless them.

    Dr. Niyati Desai

    My negative thoughts were responsible for my sleepless nights, I am so thankful to Clinical Hypnosis and Dr. Chiintan and Dr. Mikitaa that they treated me in a wonderful way and now I have sound sleep without any medication and am able to balance in all the ways.

    Mr. Jigar Rawal (Surat)

    My business was disturbed the day I shifted to surat from my native. I thought of going back to my native but perhaps gods wish was something else and he sent me to positive life where I was advised to go for numerology and graphotherapy. They suggested me to make a few changes in my hand-writing and change the spelling of my Shop and also gave me music therapy to change my thought process and increase my money vibes. All this helped me a lot and in a very short period I got lots of success. Thanks a lot and I hope you help people to change their lifes just as you did with me.

    Mr. Rajendra Bagrecha (Surat)

    I was fed up with migraine and when I approached Possitive Life for drugless therapy, during hypnosis session I realized that the pain started long back before 18 years during my first pregnancy and ever since then it was increasing like hell. I took three hypnosis sessions and my 18 year old headache was gone in no time, today i am 100% fit and fine as if it was never there, I really feel that hypnosis is the only way to eradicate migraine.

    Mrs. Vaishali Baraiya

    My wife Simmi could never go anywhere out or even stay alone at home during night time. She had a fear of being followed by someone. During hypnosis session, she found that her cousin who had passed away long back at a young age was following her sometimes. The Doctors help in releasing her cousins soul into light and since then my wife is free of that attachment and the fear associated with it.

    Mr. Nilesh Vankawala

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