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Transformation Programs

Our huge experience and constant research results into conducting weekly transformation programs for INDIVIDUALS to overcome their problems and attain health, wealth and happiness in life. There are four basic sectors in every individual’s life: HEALTH, MONEY, RELATION & CARREER. A perfect balance in all these sectors always leads to all round happiness. In these program we not only balance the various sectors of life but we teach the person the way to maintain that balance. The one who once takes this therapy program may never ever need to consult us or anyone to solve his issues of life. Not only that but that individuals life can become so pure that no problem can ever be a problem for him. Life becomes a game for him and he becomes a master player.

This therapy program is not a group activity; it is designed as per individuals need and personality consisting of a minimum of 15 hours of consultation, physical and mental exercises and sessions of chakra balancing & hypnosis.

TRANFORMATION PROGRAM FOR HEALTH is mainly focused upon balancing a emotions to overcome psychological issues like stress, depression and anxiety through clinical hypnosis sessions. It also helps a person to always mainitain mental peace and handle all the issues of life without being psychologically disturbed throughout the life.

TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM FOR MONEY is mainly focused upon attracting money and creating wealth in the client’s life. It helps the client to know the exact wrong beliefs about finances and break them through specific techniques and then reprogram the sub conscious mind through hypnosis sessions for financial gains and stability.

TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM FOR RELATION is for balancing relations and maintaining harmony in life. We look for around 110 traits in a couple’s handwriting sample to check their compatibility. The clients can know their life partner in a better way and we teach them to attain harmony in their lives. The impact of negative incidences are removed through hypnosis sessions during this therapy program and we become a bridge between the couple to create and maintain a harmonious relationship.

TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM FOR CAREER is for selecting a perfect career because every one of us is gifted with some special specific abilities. These abilities can be studied in a person’s handwriting and the client is guided to select a career as per those inbuilt abilities. The NINE PERSONALITY TRAITS of worlds highly successful people are checked in the clients handwriting, these qualities are then implanted, increased or decreased as per the need through the sessions of clinical hypnosis which results into a new personality and helps the client to attain success easily in his career and even maintain the same throughout his life.


CHAKRA’S, otherwise known as ENERGY CENTRES are the most important part of our energy body. Energy body is a bridge between our MIND and PHYSICAL BODY so a healthy energy body and balanced CHAKRAS helps to maintain mental and physical health. Any type of physical ailment and psychological disturbance creates blockages in chakras because every emotion is connected with the specific chakra. These blockages disturb the flow of energy (life force) which later on results into more increased problems. The blockages are cleared through the sessions of clinical hypnosis and the flow of life force energy is made smoother for happy and healthy life. The chakra balancing program is conducted for a week as per every individual’s specific needs and ends up with a well balanced and healthy energy body.
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